Ham Radio Deluxe
Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) is a suite of free window programs providing computer control for Commonly used transceivers and receivers. HRD also includes Mapping, satellite tracking and digital mode program
Installation is easy, just download v5.0 build 2816  install and start.
Build 2816 seems to have no bugs and has worked flawlessly for me. I would start with this build first before I upgraded.
Supported radios: http://www.ham-radio-deluxe.com/Home/SupportedRadios.aspx
For the first time user, go to http://www.ham-radio-deluxe.com/HRDv5/GettingStarted.aspx
Support Forums: http://forums.ham-radio.ch/forumdisplay.php?128-HRD-v5-Beta
Ham Radio Deluxe using a Yeasu FT-950
HRD Logbook
Digital Master 780 PSK-31 Mode
Because PSK31 has a bandwidth of only 31Hz, many signals can fit into the same bandwidth that would be occupied by an SSB signal (2.4kHz approx.). It is quite common to see 15 or more signals on a 2.5kHz waterfall display. Every red signal is a QSO taking place.
In the above waterfall you see 7 signals that you can click on with your mouse to QSO with that operator.
Digital modes are becoming more and more popular on the amateur bands. This is mainly due to the following reason: Affordable home PC’s with built in soundcards. This has brought forth a multitude of decoding software, some free, others not. There are new modes being invented all the time and keeping track of these is turning into a full time job! One of the main problems encountered by the newcomer to digital modes (or dig modes as they are known) is how to identify what they are seeing/hearing. Most of the decoding software uses a visual ‘waterfall’ display to facilitate easy tuning.
Visit this web site http://hfradio.org.uk/html/digital_modes.html  to learn how to read the different modes on the waterfall.
You will need a sound card. SignaLink USB works great and has TX and RX volume control knobs.

Visit http://www.tigertronics.com/ for more information.