USB stick containing 70 cm data transceiver. Works with D-Star, DMR, Fusion, APCO25, DPMR and other digital modes which are based on GMSK, 2FSK or 4FSK.
Dv4mini instructions

Go to https://www.dmr-marc.net/cgi-bin/trbo-database/userreg.cgi

Enter your call sign to get your DMR number, it will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Go to http://wirelesshold.com/manuals.aspx

Down load and install US_2017_06_03_20_setup.exe

Also down load Visual C redistributable



Enter Your DMR number in the DMR/CCS7 ID ___________________

Enter your Location: city, state zip

Enter your Grid Square number   XXXXXX

Click  to set ● C4FM   for Yaesu Fusion digital

Enter these numbers and program you radio with the same.

RX-QRG 446.540

TX-QRG 446.540

● FCS    ○YSF       FCS 002 is USA Reflector

High light FCS 002 for USA reflectors

In the drop down box click 02 for Alabama room see red arrow in picture

I have 446.540 programmed in the 70DR also set your radio to low power.

Programm your Ht and name it   [DV4MI]  with a frequency of  446.540 or what ever you want, remember this is a UHF dongle.

You are now on the air.

You must remain on this channel to talk and listen to the dongle.

If you need help, email Bob N6USP
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